Blizzard présente les nouveautés de 2024 et de Precipice of Horror

Ce qui nous attend dans les prochains mois !
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Blizzard vient de mettre en ligne un article présentant les nouveautés prévues en 2024 et lors du Patch 2.3 de Diablo Immortal, qui arrivera la semaine prochaine. Retrouvez l'ensemble des détails ci-dessous.

Résumé des informations

  • Cette année, Diablo arrive sur Sanctuaire, ainsi qu'une nouvelle classe
  • L'équipe fêtera également le second anniversaire du titre, avec de nombreux événements et récompenses. 
  • En 2024, Blizzard poursuivra également la campagne, et ajoutera de nouvelles fonctionnalités et événements.
  • Une série d'événements, Age of Unmaking, débutera avec Precipice of Horror.
  • Vous devrez défendre Sanctuaire des démons qui apparaissent à l'aide de Failles. Celles-ci renferment les monstres les plus puissants. Vous obtiendrez des Terror Essences, utilisée à un Oblivion Pillar pour l'invocation d'un boss d'une grande difficulté. Ces derniers offrent de l'Eternal Gear, comportant jusqu'à 4 affixes. 
  • Avec le Patch 2.3, Blizzard ajoute également les Hell Slayer Bounties. Ces Primes vous mèneront à un Oblivion Pillar.
  • En 2024, il y aura davantage d'événements, de défis, de modes de jeu, faisant partie de Age of Unmaking. 

Article officiel

Whet your appetite for destruction with a look at our 2024 Roadmap. Precipice of Horror, our next major update consisting of delightfully dark challenges from the Age of Unmaking, will materialize from the machinations of the Burning Hells on March 27.

New Terrors Await: 2024 Roadmap

Things are heating up for Diablo Immortal in 2024! Emerging demonic threats lie just beyond the crimson-tinted horizon, and you’ll have to overcome hellish challenges to cull them. Adventurers will take up the mantle of a Class new to the Diablo universe, reap rewards from our second-anniversary celebration, and embark on a pair of main quests to confront the Lord of Terror. All the while, the Age of Unmaking—a series of formidable, gameplay-centric activities that reward players with powerful Eternal Equipment—will breathe new life into the endgame as it unfolds throughout the year. These are but a taste of what we have in store for you. See the roadmap below to glean more details about the features releasing throughout this year.

Ushering in the Age of Unmaking

The Lord of Terror has set his sights on Sanctuary once more. . . an invasion is mustering. With a merciless force of fearsome foot soldiers at his back, Diablo seeks to tear away the fabric of Sanctuary. Fiendish wheels are in motion; the Age of Unmaking has begun!

Don’t allow your home to come under Diablo’s thrall—harness the unrivaled power of new Eternal Equipment to beat back evil. These exquisite demon-vanquishing tools, some of which date back to the Eternal Conflict, can be acquired from various Age of Unmaking activities that release throughout the year. The first of these activities are Terror Rifts, Oblivion Pillars, and Hellslayer Bounties.

Terror Rifts

Terror Rifts, spiked gateways through which Diablo’s forces launch their assault, have burst out of Sanctuary’s topsoil. You must bravely venture into these hellish planes of reality to halt incoming invaders.

Terror Rifts will be active every day from 8 a.m.–2 p.m. and 6 p.m.–1 a.m. server time. During each block, 3 zones will be invaded at random, with one Terror Rift Portal appearing in a zone at 30-minute intervals. Zones with active Terror Rift Portals are denoted on the World Map. Track down a Portal to enter.

Inside, throngs of brutish monsters will oppose you—cut them down to acquire glowing red orbs known as Stygian Fragments. After gathering 200 Fragments from fallen foes (displayed via progress bar), scout around for a Stygian Spire. Sacrificing the required Fragments in one of these pointed beacons will initiate a one-on-one fight with a beefier opponent. Toppling this enemy grants a reward chest.

Collect Stygian Fragments, sacrifice them in a Stygian Spire, defeat the boss, and claim a reward chest. Complete this process as many times as you can in 13 minutes to press towards more plentiful rewards, including rewards chests. You can earn rewards up to 10 times a week from Terror Rifts, resetting each Monday at 3 a.m. server time. Once you acquire all weekly rewards, you can continue to run Rifts but will only be able to earn drops from enemies.

A successful run, whether solo or with a group of up to four others, will be met with a chance to earn Eternal Equipment and other rewards from each reward chest you receive. Terror Rifts can be played starting at Inferno Difficulty I, with the quality of rewards received scaling with the difficulty level.

Should Hell’s forces overtake you during a run, half of your Fragments will be dropped. After respawning, you can pick up your dropped Fragments.

The Key to Continued Carnage: Terror Essence

Terror Essence is an item that’s essential to partaking in Oblivion Pillars and Hellslayer Bounties. Terror Essence can come from rewards chests provided by Stygian Spires. For the best shot at getting your hands on Eternal Equipment, make sure to always have Terror Essence handy. If you find yourself falling short or having too many, Essence can be bought and sold at Wynton’s Grand Market for Platinum.

Oblivion Pillars

Oblivion Pillars are the Precipice of Horror’s pinnacle challenge and the ultimate test of valor for the most seasoned demon slayers. Both a Terror Essence and playing in Inferno Difficulty I or higher is required to activate an Oblivion Pillar, but experienced adventurers equipped for pulse-pounding combat will fare best in this test of might.

Oblivion Pillars can be found near where Terror Rifts spawn in each zone and are accessible at any time. Use a Terror Essence from your inventory to divine the location of the Pillar. Head there and steel yourself—waves of native supercharged monsters or possibly gold-crazed Goblins will rush you! You must hold your ground, survive increasingly vigorous attackers, and wipe them out before the clock runs out. If you can conquer this ultimate test of endurance, the chance to earn Eternal Equipment and other rewards shall be your spoils.

Hellslayer Bounties

Diablo’s growing influence has warped sections of Sanctuary into a nightmarish hellscape. Witnessing their home being slowly overtaken by dark forces, the usually warring Immortals and Shadows have put out a contract on their shared enemy. Come one, come all! Fearless fighters are needed to eliminate hearty threats in new Hellslayer Bounties.

Groups or solo slayers on Inferno Difficulty I and above can combine their 4 normal, active Bounties into a Hellslayer Bounty at the Bounty Board for the cost of one Terror Essence. Once done, travel to the zone listed on your Bounty, locate the Hellslayer Bounties Portal, and make your stand against vicious hordes in a more forgiving style of Oblivion Pillars gameplay.

Should you achieve success by thinning out the ranks of the damned, Codex credit for four normal Bounties and a reward chest with the potential to reward Eternal Equipment shall be yours. Hellslayer Bounties are a great way for you to put your Terror Essence to use, while also potentially earning Eternal Equipment.

Eternal Equipment

Long-forgotten power has just been rediscovered in the form of Eternal Equipment. This new item type is both the rarest and strongest in Sanctuary.

Eternal Equipment:

  • Can only drop from Terror Rifts, Oblivion Pillars, and Hellslayer Bounties.
  • Contains 3 Attributes and 4 Magic Affixes, two from the existing pool of Affixes and two from a new pool of Class-specific Affixes.
  • Can be an item of any Primary Slot.
  • Can contain Cursed or Ancestral Properties.

With Great Power Comes…

A new pool consisting of 56 Affixes. These Affixes can also be found on items with 1–3 Magic Affixes that drop from Terror Rifts, Oblivion Pillars, and Hellslayer Bounties. We can’t wait to see how you utilize this bevy of new powers to forge creative Class builds and bolster existing strategies. Here’s the full list:


  • Whirlwind: Whirlwind range increased 8%.
  • Undying Rage: Undying Rage reduces by negative effect duration by 20%.
  • Sprint: Sprint now offers a 10% chance for immunity to knockback, cold, and deceleration.
  • Wrath of the Berserker: Wrath of the Berserker has a 10% chance to trigger an explosion every 0.5 seconds, causing 14.470 damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Leap: Leap now reduces Damage 10% for 3 seconds after skill use.
  • Hammer of the Ancients: Hammer of the Ancients increases Critical Hit damage against Stunned enemies by 40%.
  • Furious Charge: Furious Charge cooldown reduced by 0.04 seconds for every meter moved, stacking up to 4 times.
  • Cleave: Cooldown is reduced by 0.1 second whenever your Primary Attack hits an enemy, stacking up to 4 times.

Blood Knight

  • Abomination: Decreases damage by 20%.
  • Siphon Blood: Increases Movement Speed 8%.
  • Sanguinate: Cooldown reduced by 0.04 seconds for every meter dashed, stacking up to 4 times.
  • Umbral Lance: Cooldown for multi-target Skill Attacks reduced by 0.1 seconds whenever your Primary Attack hits an enemy.
  • Swarm of Bats: Range increased by 8%.
  • Whirling Strike: Range increased by 8%.
  • Shroud of Night: Shroud of Night increases Attack Speed 8%.
  • Skewer: Applies 8% Armor Penetration for 3 seconds.


  • Draw and Quarter: Draw and Quarter has a 10% chance of generating an explosion dealing 16,902 damage for every 2 meters moved.
  • Falling Sword: Falling Sword generates 1 additional sword which follows you and deals 15,177 damage.
  • Consecration: Reduces damage by 5%.
  • Holy Banner: Holy Banner increases Attack Speed by 5% for you and nearby allies.
  • Condemn: Condemn deals 25% more Critical Hit Damage to enemies with less than 30% Life.
  • Shield Charge: Shield Charge reduces its cooldown by 0.04 seconds for every meter moved.
  • Spinning Shield: Spinning Shield cooldown reduced by 0.1 seconds when your Primary Attack hits an enemy.
  • Conjuration of Light: During Conjuration of Light, your Movement Speed is increased by 8%.

Demon Hunter

  • Daring Swing: Cooldown is reduced by 0.04 seconds for every meter moved, stacking up to 4 times.
  • Knockback Shot: Knock Back Shot deals an additional 3% damage for each meter of distance from the enemy, up to a maximum of 6 meters.
  • Multishot: Cooldown reduced by 0.1 second whenever your Primary Attack hits an enemy.
  • Impale: Impale now has 1 more blade, damage from multiple blades is reduced.
  • Strafe: Strafe now has a 10% chance to fire an additional bolt causing 20,226 damage to struck enemies.
  • Rain of Vengeance: Range increased by 8%.
  • Sentry: Has a 10% chance to fire an additional bolt dealing 24,870 damage to struck enemies.
  • Spinning Chakram: While the skill is active, 1 Spinning Chakram will spin around you, dealing 7,050 damage to nearby enemies.


  • Wave of Light: Wave of Light increases Critical Hit Damage by 20% when you are less than 3 meters from the target.
  • Mystic Allies: When Mystic Allies ends, there is a 15% chance of it respawning immediately.
  • Seven-Sided Strike: Seven-Sided Strike has a 15% chance of triggering a combo, stacking up to 4 times.
  • Mystic Strike: Mystic Strike cooldown reduced by 0.04 seconds for every meter moved, stacking up to 4 times.
  • Shield of Zen: Increased by 10%.
  • Flying Kick: Cooldown reduced by 0.1 second when your Primary Attack hits an enemy.
  • Inner Sanctuary: Inner Sanctuary increases Evasion Rating by 7% within the skill area.
  • Exploding Palm: Exploding Palm damage dealt to enemies with the Bleed status has a 10% chance to cause an explosion without removing the status.


  • Skeletal Mage: Now uses a Dark Curse shield to absorb 109 damage, stacks up to 4 times.
  • Command Golem: Increases in size by 10%, extending the range of its Primary and Skill Attacks by 10%.
  • Command Skeletons: Now has a 10% chance to spawn an extra, adjusting their cap accordingly.

Developer’s Note: When stacked once and twice, the upper limit is changed from 4 to 5; when stacked 3 times and 4 times, the upper limit is changed to 6; the upper limit of the dead captain is changed to 2; the upper limit of the dead mage remains unchained.

  • Corpse Lance: Corpse Lance increases your Movement Speed by 10% for 3 seconds.
  • Bone Wall: Range increased by 8%.
  • Wraith Form: Range increased 8%.
  • Bone Spirits: Range increased by 8%.
  • Bone Spikes: Bone Spikes apply a 15% Slow effect for 6 seconds.


  • Ice Armor: Ice Armor increases Movement Speed by 8%, stacking up to 4 times.
  • Teleport: Teleportation reduces its cooldown by 0.04 seconds for every meter moved, stacking up to 4 times.
  • Arcane Torrent: While active, 1 Arcane projectile will orbit around you, dealing 9248 damage to enemies.
  • Arcane Wind: Range increased by 8%.
  • Disintegrate: Ray increased by 1.
  • Meteor: Meteor increases damage to enemies by 8% for 3 seconds, stacking up to 4 times.
  • Ice Crystal: Now refracts 1 more ray.
  • Lightning Nova: Lightning Nova increases Attack Speed by 8% for 3 seconds.

Stay tuned—more information about all the features coming with our next major update can be found in an article coming March 25. As this is an early look, all activities covered in this article are subject to change.

We’ll see you in Sanctuary!
-The Diablo Immortal team

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